Get connected in 58 countries with ChangiWiFi, including these new additions.

Forget data roaming in these new countries! Get connected with ChangiWiFi in 58 countries from $5/day.

Singaporeans are keen to explore new places and new food. We know that you want to stay connected in these destinations as much as we do too! Then again, there are concerns when it comes to threading new places:

  • I’m afraid of getting lost.
  • I don’t speak their language yet wish to communicate with the locals.
  • I am a fussy eater and I don’t know where to dine at.
  • I wanna “hao lian” my escapades on social channels.
  • I wanna Facetime and text my love ones back home.

Our travellers wonder if Changi Recommends will ever cover new countries. We work hard to bring you coverages in a total of 58 countries, that’s adding new 13 countries on our list! You can now load google map, translate online, search for recommended restaurants online and connected to your love ones while travelling from only SGD5/day.


In case you are wondering about the specifications…specs

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