Tokyo: Guide to Roppongi


With its busy nightlife and entertainment scene, Roppongi (六本木, meaning “six trees”) is perfect for anyone looking for a fun night out.


1. Roppongi Hills
Enjoy Tokyo’s city view from the observatory deck at Roppongi Hills. Here, you can get a great view of the brightly-lit Tokyo Tower on a clear day, and be amazed at how the Land of the Rising Sun comes alive after dark. Also, art lovers can take the chance to check out the Mori Art Museum or the Mori Arts Center Gallery in the same building. Depending on the month of the year, events like summer beer fests will be held right outside the Roppongi Hills tower. If so, grab a beer and some edamame, then soak in the local atmosphere.


2. Giant Spider
The giant spider outside Mori Art Museum is called Maman, and is a sculpture by artist Louise Bourgeois. This is a favourite photo spot for tourists, and a popular landmark used in gatherings among locals.

3. Gonpachi – The “Kill Bill” Restaurant
Famous for being the restaurant that inspired the iconic fight scene in the cult classic “Kill Bill”, Gonpachi serves modern Izakaya cuisine with a Western twist. You can head here for a full meal, or just for skewers and drinks. To avoid disappointment, remember to make a reservation at this highly popular restaurant or be prepared to wait a long time for your turn. Gonpachi is popular with locals as well, and has a respectable crowd even on weekdays. Even the celebrities approve—check out the celebrity photos decorating the entrance when you get there!

Roppongi  (TV asahi).jpg

4. TV Asahi Headquarters
Pop by the headquarters of TV Asahi, the TV station that brought to you famous Japanese anime characters including Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan. The first floor of the TV station is a public area where there are life-sized displays of TV characters, depending on seasons. Catch live recordings of talk shows at the headquarters at night. There is also a souvenir shop if you wish to purchase some goodies as keepsakes.

Extra: Singapore Cuisine Café Singapura Hainan Chifan
Craving for a taste of home? See how this foreign eatery fares in its attempt to recreate iconic Singapore dishes like chicken rice, fried kway teow, and chilli crab!


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