Going Solo: A Girl’s 3D2N Trip to Krabi, Thailand


As Alan Bennett put it, “Sometimes there is no next time, no timeouts, and no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never.”

Many people are terrified of travelling alone, but it really isn’t as scary as it sounds. Sure, getting lost and having zero contacts in a foreign land can be daunting, but most of the time, all these can be prevented with proper planning and good foresight (although, access to unlimited data wouldn’t hurt either).

Once you get over the psychological hurdle, it’s time to get cracking! Solo travelling is a very rewarding experience for me: It pushes me out of my comfort zone to explore the different cultures of the world. So the only question left is… Where do we start? Well, my answer is Krabi!

3D2N in Krabi, Thailand
If you love white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and are into outdoor sport activities, this is the prefect holiday spot for you!


Day 1
I embarked on this adventure on my birthday, and hence, as a gift to me, my friends arranged for an airport transfer for me to go from Krabi Airport to my hotel. So upon touching down, I took a safe and comfortable 30-minute ride to my first destination. When I got to Krabi La Playa Resort, I was warmly welcomed with fresh fruit juice and a hassle-free check-in. I highly recommend spending a night (or more) here—the room was huge, and I could access the poolside from it.

I reached in the late afternoon, so I took a leisurely walk around to explore the vicinity and booked some activities for my next day. Like Krabi La Playa Resort, most hotels offer over-the-counter booking of day tours, which is a big convenience for tourists. When it comes to tours, you must book an island-hopping tour, covering four islands! The one I chose included snorkelling and a hearty lunch.

Looking for a dinner spot was not tough at all—the neighbouring streets were packed with souvenir stores, restaurants, bars, and more. I filled myself up with some plain friend rice from a roadside store, and with that, it was time to head back to rest up for the next day activities!


Day 2
I took the chance to have breakfast by the pool, and it was amazing! I had my ChangiWifi router with me, so of course I updated my friends and family with the photos I’d taken so far. The island-hopping tour included transport, so I headed to the lobby to await my ride. The traffic was not in my favour, so my driver was delayed by 30 minutes—this is common in Thailand, so please factor it into your itinerary planning! The jam continued even after I got on the bus. The roads are usually congested because Krabi is home to many hotels and resorts (especially where I was), so there are a lot of tour buses.

When we finally got to the beach, we encountered yet another minor hiccup: The organiser explained that were not enough passengers for the ferry to depart, so we needed to wait for more tourists to join us. Refusing to let this foil my day’s plans, I decided to take the opportunity to walk around and take some photos. The stunning sights made the wait worth it!


When we were ready to get on the waters, all passengers were asked to remove their slippers. This is because we had to walk across the shallow waters to board the long tail boat—unluckily for me, I was clad in long pants, which got all wet from the short walk. So learn from my mistake: Wear knee length pants if you don’t want to have soggy ankles for the rest of the day!

After 40 minutes for exploring the beautiful island, it was time to snorkel. I am not the strongest swimmer, so I was slightly scared. I plucked up the courage anyway, and had the experience of a lifetime: The waters were clear as the schools of fishes surrounded me.

Our first island stop was the “Chicken” Island! Apparently the shape of this island resembles a chicken, thus giving it its name. I thought it looked more like a drumstick rather than the entire animal! Chatting about that with the tour leader made me hungry, so we set off to the next island for lunch. The provided lunch in my selected tour was a buffet—it was a modest spread, but every dish was delicious. The experience was further enhanced by the ambience; I munched on it under a tree! The island hopping ended in the late afternoon, and I went back to the hotel for a refreshing dip in the hotel pool.

As the sun set, the resort staff surprised me by giving me a free ride to the town as a birthday treat! I am grateful to have encountered so many friendly people along the way. I zipped downtown, and wrapped the day up with a piping hot chicken drumstick noodle soup!


Day 3
The highlight of my last day was rock climbing! Before this, I had never climbed on a real mountain before, and had only done indoor climbing. It was an exciting first-time experience for me, and it took a while afternoon.

By the time I was done sweating it out, I was ready to do some shopping and grab a bite. Good things always come to an end, so although I wished I could have extended my trip to try more sports, it was the end of my trip.

This solo trip was really rewarding, and it pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to try new things and meet new people! I highly recommend that everyone try it at least once!


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