South Korea: Top 5 Wedding Photo Shoot Spots 




Having wedding photos taken in a beautiful faraway land has been gaining popularity among Singaporeans, and since the Hallyu Wave, South Korea has been a top choice for many. It’s not surprising why: The weather is great, and as the popular K-dramas often showcase, there are many beautiful spots that are perfect for taking romantic, dreamy photos.

Here are some of our top location picks for that perfect South Korean wedding shoot experience:

korea - wedding spot - ilsan lake.jpg1. Ilsan Lake Park
If you love nature, this is for you. Ilsan Lake Park is one of the largest man-made parks in Asia, and its large fresh water lake is always kept impeccably clean. It is a scene of tranquility, made complete with a breathtaking variety of flowers and lush greenery.

Korea - wedding spot - namiseom island.jpg2. Namiseom Island
Made famous by the hit drama Winter Sonata, Namiseom Island is where the show’s leads Choi Ji-woo and Bae Yong-joon shared their most romantic moments. Almost every corner of this beautiful island is photo-worthy, we kid you not!

Korea - wedding spot - gamcheon.jpg3. Gamcheon Village in Busan
Gamcheon Village is Korea’s equivalent of Santorini in Greece: The charming village is a great backdrop for your fun and quirky shots. Plus, there’s no need to feel camera shy here, for the locals of Gamcheon Village are so used to couple photo shoots that they won’t even bat an eyelid. In fact, it’s such a hot spot for photography that even the locals can be seen posing for photos.

But be warned: Expect long, winding, and rocky roads, and steep hills and stairs that can be tricky for those in high heels.

Korea - wedding spot - petite france.jpg4. Petite France
Another popular filming site, most notably from K-drama My Love from the Star, Petite France is inspired by the French countryside on the Mediterranean coast and is filled with beautiful forests and greenery.

Korea - wedding spot - folk village.jpg5. Korean Folk Village
Prefer a traditional setting that is away from the city? Check out the Korean Folk Village. Home to many period dramas, this quaint village was replicated with influences from the late Joeson period. Steeped in the rich Korean culture, the attraction features elements of cultural class experiences, shaman faith, farming villages, private houses, official districts, a Confucian academy, a village school, a village street, a nobleman’s house, a traditional workshop, and more.

We recommend planning at least six months in advance. Good luck!


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