Japan: Pick the Perfect Season for Your Dream Holiday




If cherry blossoms are a must-see for you, you will have to go in spring. Sakura season comes once a year, and it is truly a sight to behold. For about a week, sakura trees all over Japan will be in full bloom, painting the country shades of pink and white! As you may have noticed, the window is quite short. Hence, we recommend that you refer to the Japan Weather Association’s official site and check out the forecast so you can plan your travel dates accurately. The weather is relatively comfortable: It ranges from 13 to 18 degrees Celsius in the day, and lingers around 5 degrees Celsius at night. However, be prepared to fork out a fortune for your accommodation as a lot of tourists choose this time to visit Japan.

Japan seasons  (summer).jpg

If you’re one who actually enjoys Singapore’s perpetual summer, why not visit Japan in the same season too? Unbeknownst to many, summer is the peak travel period in Japan due to the local summer holidays. Many local festivals and fireworks are held across the country and this is the best time to experience Japanese cultural activities. They mostly involve lavish processions, accompanied by impressive firework displays.

Want to enjoy the festivities but not a fan of hot and humid weather? Consider a trip up to Hokkaido instead. Thanks to its altitude, the weather is milder.

Japan seasons  (autumn).jpg

One of our personal favourites—really, we think that the fall foliage is a spectacle that may even give the sakura season a run for its money—Autumn is when the green fades, and everything turns yellow, red and brown. The splash of colour that paints whole swaths of mountains make for some of the most breath-taking sceneries. The weather is also at a nice intermediate stage between summer and winter. If visiting in Autumn, you must go to Kyoto, where the temple gardens and architecture perfectly complement the warm hued landscape.

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Want to avoid crowds? Winter is for you. This season sees the least visitors, and is typically dry with occasional snowfall. The days are also comparatively shorter than in other seasons. Japan—especially Hokkaido, which has abundant snow—is considered one of best countries to ski and snowboard at, so winter sports is a must-try for sporty and adventurous tourists. A formidable rival of ski destinations in Europe, Japan has an exciting winter sports scene coupled with tranquil scenery and relaxing hot springs.


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