Hong Kong: Public Transport Guide


If you love people-watching, here’s an idea: After visiting the many tourist attractions in Hong Kong, spend the rest of your time experiencing the city via the public transportation system. Perhaps, like us, you will find that this activity is a programme highlight in itself!

The Airport Express
From the Hong Kong International Airport, the fastest way to reach the city is via the Airport Express. If you want a more luxurious option, you can consider a limousine ride in advance. Alternatively, you can take the Airport Shuttle Bus for just S$22. On a tight budget? At just HK$33, you can take the CityBus A21 to get to the city centre. If your first stop is Macau, take a direct ferry from the airport.


Tourist Day Pass vs Octopus Card
Public transportation in Hong Kong is cheap, safe, and clean by international standards. For tourists, grabbing a tourist day pass at HKD55 per day will be the most convenient option, but if you are not planning to travel too much, the next best option is the Octopus card which you can buy at any MTR station. For the Octopus card, you will need to spend at least HK$150 (minimum HKD$100 value and HK$50 refundable deposit) and return the card within 90 days. There is also a HK$9 fee for refunding any balance left in the card.


Double-decker Tram
Craving a dose of nostalgia? Consider hopping on one of those rustic double-decker trams that crisscross around northern Hong Kong island. At just HK$2.30 per trip, this last bastion of colonial era-influenced transportation will bring you back to the olden days when Hong Kong was ruled the British.

Star Ferry Services
If you want something more exciting, try crossing the famous Victoria Harbour via the Star Ferry services that travel between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The best time to take the ferry is around 8pm, as you’ll have a front-row view of the Symphony of Lights—a dazzling multimedia light show that illuminates over 40 skyscrapers on both sides of the harbour.


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