Airport Special: Seoul-Incheon International Airport



Most people while their layover time away sipping on some coffee and grabbing a bite because they believe there’s nothing else to do at the airport. In the case of Seoul-Incheon International Airport, that cannot be further from the truth! From painting traditional fans to makeup shopping, find out what the airport has to offer.

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Seoul-Incheon International Airport started its operations in the year 2011, and has since emerged as one of the World’s Best Airports of today. It offers a wide range of services, including entertainment and shopping options for both tourists and locals. Those with short layovers in Korea who want to experience Korean culture, worry not! Even if you do not get to step outside the airport, you can still experience Korean culture and tradition firsthand.

On the fourth floor of their Concourse building, you will see the Relics Exhibition, Experience Hall, and Cinema Hall featuring traditional arts, music, royal culture and printing, and Korean alphabet heritage. For interested guests, they also offer workshops to learn traditional craft techniques for making clothes, accessories, and jewellery boxes making using hanji (a kind of traditional Korean paper). Aside from that, they also have programmes such as the colouring of traditional Korean fans, making of small purses using traditional knotting techniques, and drawing of traditional patterns. All these are free for all to enjoy when you visit their airport.

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Aside from the many activities listed above, the airport also gives its shoppers a wide selection to choose from. There are four local retailers, namely Lotte Duty Free, AK Duty Free, Shilla Duty Free and Duty free Korea. All these duty-free options offer an excellent variety of local and international brand products, ranging from cosmetics, skin care, and fashion and accessories. For guests interested in buying wines and spirits, check out the Lotte Duty free, which also sells tobacco, cigars, fashion apparel, and souvenirs. If you are looking for local souvenirs or gifts, Duty Free Korea is the best choice for you. Figurines in Korean costumes, paper fans, and Korean food products are out on display and available for purchase. AK Duty Free and Shilla Duty Free both provide many choices for local and international beauty buys, including fragrances, skin care products, and cosmetics.

We bet you didn’t know that there was so much to do right in Seoul-Incheon International Airport, right? The next time you have some time there, don’t waste it by sitting at a café—go shopping, learn about Korean culture, and more!


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