3 Things to Eat while in Kyoto




Kyoto tofu cuisine: Nanzenji Junsei
Tofu is one of Kyoto’s specialties, and Nanzenji Junsei is perhaps among the most famous tofu restaurants in the region. Located conveniently outside the Nazenji Temple, it serves yu-dofu (its signature dish), which features quality tofu cooked in a hotpot filled with tasty Japanese broth. Simple yet exquisite, this is a dish not to be missed! Also try the Yuba hot pot (tofu skin), another one of the more popular menu items.




2. Kyoto-style sushi: Izuju
One of the oldest traditional Kyoto sushi restaurant, Izuju is sits along the bustling streets of Gion, across Yasaka shrine. It is well known for dishing out some of the best Kyoto sushi in Japan, which differs from the usual sushi as it uses cured instead of fresh or cooked fish. First-timers can try the signature Inarizushi (sushi rice stuffed in pockets of sweet beancurd skin). Besides that, Sabazushi (pickled mackerel with sushi rice) and Hakozushi (box pressed sushi) are other must-try dishes.


3. Green Tea: Itohkyuemon
If you love Matcha, you have to visit Uji—Japan’s Matcha town! It is just 20 minutes away from Kyoto station, and is known to produce the finest quality of Japanese green tea. Have an authentic encounter with Japanese tea culture by sipping on the traditional Uji tea and more. After your meal, you can also tour the famous Byodo-In Temple, an iconic Buddhist temple in the heart of Uji.


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