Fill your Luggage with these 7 Snacks from Taiwan



You can find food anywhere in Taiwan—at the malls, roadsides, street markets, and more. But the country’s exciting food scene offers more than just tea eggs, steamed buns, and smelly tofu. Here are seven drool-worthy snacks you can pick up at convenience stores and super markets.


  1. Chia Te Bakery
    This bakery only has one stall in Taipei so be prepared for a long queue if you do visit their kitchen there. However, their pineapple tarts, sun cakes, and other pastries are so popular that they are now carried by 7-11 as well.
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  1. Chun Cui He
    If there is a need for an introduction, shame on you! This Taiwanese milk tea caused waves in Singapore not too long ago for its rich and creamy taste. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it running out of stock in Taiwan—the supply is plenty, and there are numerous flavours like Sumiyaki, Mandheling, and Black Mix Oolong.

instant noodle.jpg

  1. Various Cup Noodles
    There are too many different brands and flavours for us to list! Go ahead and try all the exotic flavours you can find.

doraemon 7-11.jpg

  1. Doraemon Snacks
    From simple crackers to biscuits and sweets, the 7-11s in Taiwan carry a wide range of Doraemon-themed snacks for its adoring followers. Not every store carries the same products though.

potato chips.jpg

  1. Assorted Potato Chips
    Other than the local brands, you can also get the same international brands that we get in Singapore like Doritos and Lays, but the real fun begins when you find the Taiwan-exclusive flavours that are unavailable in Singapore!

pork sheets.jpg

  1. Almond Pork Sheets
    This snack is pork meat mixed with almonds, presented in the form of a crisp as thin as a piece of paper, and we can’t get enough of it. It smells and tastes as good as it sounds!

Hi Chew.jpg

  1. Hi-Chew
    Hi-chew is a popular chewy candy that is available in Singapore as well. However, like the chips and cup noodles, you should go for the flavours unavailable locally. As icing on the cake, each stick only costs $0.50!

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