Where and when to shop in Hong Kong



Hong Kong is generally great for shopping all year round, but we’ll share a secret with you: The prices only really hit rock bottom during the two main sale seasons (Winter and Summer)! Discounts can go up to as high as 90 percent—that means you only pay 10 percent of the original price—which is unheard of in Singapore. And we’re not talking about roadside stores that you can bargain at. These major markdowns include the mega malls as well.


Clearance Seasons
Winter (Dec – Feb)
Summer (July – Sep)

Although Winter is also when the Christmas and Chinese New Year sales are, do not underestimate the Summer sales! During those months, there is also the Hong Kong Tourism Board Festival, and aside from the discounts, the stores typically extend their opening hours.


Popular Shopping Malls

  • Landmark, Hong Kong Island:
    Located on the lower floors of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Landmark is a high-end mall that houses fine dining restaurants and huge luxury brand boutiques. This includes Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and more. The things here are really extravagant, but if you’re looking to splurge a little more than usual, try your luck here for some end-of-season bargains.
  • IFC:
    IFC is another mall with luxury brands, but unlike Landmark, this mall is favourite for window shopping. It also has an excellent waterfront view as it overlooks Victoria Harbour. Catch the daily Symphony of Lights shows at the rooftop cafes and bars.
  • Pacific Place, Hong Kong Island:
    Here, there is a mix of both designer and mid-priced shops. Whether it’s a $3,000 Celine handbag or you $30 Zara sweater you’re eyeing, you can get it here. There’s also the Great Food Hall, which is an international gourmet food market
  • Times Square, Hong Kong Island:
    Perhaps the most iconic mall in Causeway Bay—Hong Kong’s busiest shopping district—Times Square is conveniently located next to the Causeway Bay MTR, and often has big, elaborate displays and set-ups at its entrance. It has mid- and high-end shops, a supermarket, two department stores, and over 20 restaurants.
  • Harbour City, Kowloon:
    This is really a “city” of sorts: There are over 450 stores, including not just retail stores and eateries, but two cinemas, three hotels, 10 office buildings, two serviced apartments, and a luxurious private club!


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